EREC has emerged as one of the most distinguished and prestigious national organizations operating in the UAE real estate sector. Since its establishment in 2000, it has served to make a valuable contribution to the overall development and growth of the national economy. As a result of its strong institutional capacity, high level of professionalism and strong business partnerships across all levels of economic activity, EREC has made a significant contribution to the efficiency and effectiveness of the overall government operations.

Perhaps one of the most important achievement of the Corporation has been its ability to create very tangible, strong and cooperative partnership between the private and the public in the real estate sector, indeed, EREC role has expanded way beyond operating simply within the government sector. Today, the Corporation works with some 400 local companies with specific areas of expertise and carefully selected as registered members to EREC. These local firms provide a variety of support to ERECs work ranging from project management to consultancy, actual construction and auxiliary supplies.

EREC was established through the federal law No. 7 in 2000 with paid up capital of AED 500 million and the overall mission of designing and construction of properties to meet the real estate needs of the government. Tenants include a variety of government entities ranging from ministries to federal authorities. EREC provides full maintenance services to all of its tenants that meet the highest international standards and specifications.